Environment is an important part of our lives. We need to take care of this rich biodiversity. The students of Grade III went on a field trip to Lalbagh Botanical Gardens on 20th August 2015. The activity was a part of CEE (Centre for Environment Education) project wherein the students were learning about ‘Biodiversity’.

The students observed variety of plant like herbs, shrubs, creepers, climbers and huge trees. The variation in kinds of flowers and patterns of leaves was very well understood by them. The students collected few wrappers, thrown by some visitors and put it in the dustbins over there.

In order to develop the idea of sustenance, the botanical park has been equipped with dustbins made out of wooden tree trunks and rocks instead of plastic bins. Even water conservation is a highlighted feature as the plants are watered there by drip irrigation method. This helps in providing optimum water to plants and also saves water.

Students also observed the different imitations of monument and creative objects, all made out of beautiful flowers. The oldest pine tree, which is 164 years old and old white silk cotton tree, 200 years old, were the key attraction for students. Students observed the beautiful glass house and understood the concept of a greenhouse. Students interacted with the gardeners over there and found out that there are nearly 1,854 species of plants in Lalbagh. The collection of the plants has made it a versatile treasure house of plants. The trip was very educative as it helped them to know a lot about our rich plant kingdom.

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