Alumni Committee

Members Position E-Mail Contact No.
Likhit N President 8088505399
Aditi V B Secretary 7022241541
Gayathri Prabhakaran Treasurer 8050739882
Prashanth N Reddy Coordinator 9902520089


Alumni Meet

02 Jan’16

An institution cannot claim its acclaim, if its alumni do not exhibit a spectacular potential in communication and academics’. A quote; which ran through my mind as I sat across the first General body meeting of the first alumni formed in this decennial year of Alpine.
How emotional and nostalgic, it was for me to walk down the memory lane and meet my seniors and juniors who were apart of this school, which has worked with each one of us individually, for us to being what we are today.

The first meeting began formally with a welcome note and a prayer song. Ms. Gayathri read out the agenda of this meet and unanimously, a four seat committee members were formed to lead the group and keep them united under this banner with the roots firmly fixed in Alpine Public School.

During the meet, it was the same school behavior that was brought out by everyone, the pull of the chair or hair, followed by giggles across the auditorium and nonstop gabling with the batch mates reminded me of a typical class room atmosphere.

It is this joy that is missed as we progress to become matured adults, who need to carry on with an academic certificate to be accepted in a society that is filled with competition and opposition at every stage.

The entertainment part of the day, by Vishvesh, Vignesh, Praveen and Samyuktha enthralled the audience. Few of them had expertise on their talents which was groomed in the school while others refreshed it on the spot.

This meeting was a true refresher for all of us to meet together under one roof and under one banner.
Waiting for the next meet in May

Gayathri P
(2014-15 batch)