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The school is housed on a sprawling campus with abundant green cover and boasts of modern infrastructure and a safe learning environment. The focus is on achieving a safe, gentle, and multifaceted growth that includes academics, sports and fine arts.


The academic staff consists’ of highly qualified and experienced professionals dedicated to children and their progress. They work closely with each student to identify his/ her strong areas, address areas that need development in a positive,


At Alpine, there is a strong focus on all round development and the school conducts various activities including debates, sports, inter school exchange programme, science program, summer camps, national and international tours and field trips.

Parents Corner

Dear Principal ma’am and teachers,

I started my journey here at Pre-kindergarten and now I am graduating 10th which is almost 13 years. I can proudly say that Alpine has shaped me into the person I am. I have learnt so much from our beloved principal, teachers, my fellow schoolmates, and the staff. The teachers have so much to give to us and I have thoroughly enjoyed the learning process. Apart from academics, I loved the weekly co-curricular activities organized, our sports’ competitions, festival celebrations, and the enthusiasm throughout the year to win the House Trophy. I will deeply miss our educational excursions, trips, eagerly waiting to go to the computer and the science labs, PE periods, and regular classes. This year was challenging for everyone and even when school was online, our teachers put in so much effort to make classes lively and fun. My time at Alpine was splendid, and I would like to express my gratitude towards our honorable principal, all my wonderful teachers, and friends for making this experience an unforgettable one. I have so many fond memories with my friends and teachers that I hold very close to my heart. Thank you once again.
Best regards,
Sumaiya Aman

Dear Ma’am,

We are parents of Chirag H Anil of 7 A , now promoted to 8th standard.

We would like to thank you and all the teachers for taking very good care of our son’s academic and overall interests. He is very happy, motivated, comfortable and confident with all the teachers. We really appreciate the way you, your staff and all his classmates, received him and made him feel at most comfortable, not making him feel out of place even for a day. We think we have chosen the right school for him. We see him more relieved and excited about attending his classes compared to before.

We and Chirag are so happy looking at the marksheet of class 7. We feel it is the result of the efforts taken by each and every teacher under your able guidance in making him come out with such positive results. The teachers’ efforts during the online classes are truly commendable. He got the required attention, even though it was online class, by all his teachers which made him perform well in class 7.

Thank you so much Ma’am and we look forward to seeing Chirag’s holistic development in your school. We are confident that he will come out with flying colours under your able guidance and blessings.

Warm Regards
Anil HS & Shubha

Dear Principal Mam,

Time has passed so quick that we never felt that Michael completed his 10th and was in Alpine for 12 years.

We as a family are very grateful to each one at Alpine who put their best efforts to train up all the children. We really appreciate all the efforts the teachers put especially during pandemic which is extra ordinary. This makes me remember one verse from Bible that A wise teacher makes learning a joy (Proverbs 15:2). I have always seen my son attending all the classes with joy and excitement and did not miss a single class. It made us realise that to keep the student interested teachers had used all innovative ideas and made all the virtual classes very interactive . As parents we also enjoyed some of classes conducted online.

We also remember the sacrifices teacher had to make during the pandemic to support all their students.

We also want to remember and thank all the teachers who laid a good foundation in our sons academic life.

Thank you once again and Keep up your good work

God Bless You all.

Alwin & Runa

Dear Alpine and Respected Principal Madam,

A very good afternoon.

Myself, A student of Alpine Public School Bangalore for the last thirteen years, and looking forward to completing fifteen years here, in this same institution.

I would like to express a heartfelt thank you to Alpine for creating the opportunity for their students to learn amidst the ‘event of the century’ – the COVID-19 Pandemic.

The 10th standard batch of 2020-2021 was able to comprehend and clear 10th std in a free flowing manner only because of the support, guidance and opportunity given to us by school and teachers and all the staff members who have put their energy into providing education and balancing it with a tinge of fun in this new and uncertain environment to not just 10th std, but all Alpinians.

I have been attending Alpine since pre school and here I am thirteen years later having my 10th std completed in Alpine.

Individually, I have enjoyed every bit of my time in this school and feel immensely grateful to have got to complete my high school when so many people have been struggling to get the same.

Sending gratitude in abundance for the opportunity given.

Thank you once again.


Pranita Ravi

Dear Principal Ma’am,
I am Luckshita, a student of 10 A. I have been in Alpine for 8 years and it has been amazing here! All the teachers here have been so supportive, so encouraging and have always pushed me to do my best. Not just in studies, but also in other activities, competitions and the elections too! Just their support and their belief in us makes us feel like we can achieve anything! Ma’am, you have always guided us from the front, made sure our voices are heard and even during online schooling, you did your best for us! All the efforts put in by the teachers and you will always be remembered. Thank you for providing us with the best opportunities, for believing in us and for being there with us throughout! You stood with us, understood us, and even helped us in our problems like they were your own. Thank you for being so approachable and I will forever be grateful for what Alpine has made me and given me! All the times in Alpine will always be cherished and we will make you proud, ma’am!
Thank you for being the perfect guide and Principal!
Lots of love and respect,
To The Summit!!!

Dear Principal ma’am

This is pratibha here parent of Sujay. hukkeri 10 A & prisha. hukkeri 6B. Both my children have started there schooling in Alpine.It has been 12 years for Sujay in this school and he has grown with Alpine .
There were many teachers who have left an lasting impression on Sujay and imbibed love for the subjects and I am eternally grateful for that to Deepmala ma’am (math), Nalini ma’am (kannada), Asha ma’am (chemistry) and many more kind hearted souls like Kavita ma’am(humble and warmth), Anita ma’am(the promptness) who have inspired my children to be better person always.
During the years there were few not so good instances also where in I seeked your assistance Jaya ma’am & you addressed my concern with utmost priority.The best thing about you ma’am, is your approachabiIity & the way you handle criticism which I believe is the quality of a good leader & that is the reason Alpine is thriving . I have seen many well known schools in blore where the parents hardly get to see their principal but you, Jaya ma’am standout and always assured parents that our children are in good hands.It is this confidence in you ma’am that we are continuing with Alpine for Sujay in 11 & 12 th STD also.Please accept our heartfelt gratitude for all the times.

Last but not the least A shout out to all the 10 th STD teachers Jayashree ma’am, Radhika ma’am, Nalini ma’am, sangita ma’am, Ayesha ma’am, Rajalakshmi ma’am, Reena ma’am, Sowmya maam & Deepika ma’am who have stepped in from day one & hanged in there till date in these difficult times.They were there to help & guide the children every step.I truly appreciate all your efforts and thank you from the bottom of my heart.

I bow down with folded hands to all the teachers and specially Jaya ma’am.Wishing Alpine many more years of glory and may it grow many folds in the coming years.Keep touching lives..& God bless Alpine &it’s fraternity.Much Love

Thanking you
Yours sincerely

Dear Teacher,
I am really thankful for all the lessons I have received this year. During this pandemic though it was a new experience we enjoyed and learnt new things. I am really grateful and looking forward to carry the values taught in my future wisely.
Monica T S

Dear Teacher,
We the parents of Monica T S from 10th B thanking you for all your hard work and the way you have guided our daughter in this pandemic situation. We appreciate your help and support in making this academic year and online classes successful. We are all definitely missed something, but your patience and firmness have made a huge difference and we thank you for establishing healthy boundaries and creating an environment of trust and confidence.
We are really not happy what has happened. All our efforts and students hardwork completely changed. We are still in a hope of Board Exams are going to be conducted.
We would like to extend our heartfelt thanks to you and all the teachers from Nursery to 10th std, staff, non teaching staff and Alpine for your support and cooperation. My daughter had great time (13 years of her journey) in Alpine. 🙏🏻💐☺️☺️

Dear principal,

We are very happy the way online classes was conducted by all the teachers and very well planned virtual sports day, Christmas celebration and exam. I do not see this much effort from any other school. Initially it was bit difficult for a working parents to make kids sit for online class, but interaction with teachers online really helped kids to learn. Also helped parents how to train kids after the online session. We are very pleased to join our second kid also to Alpine. Brilliant job by all the faculties. thank you mam for such a warm support.


Appreciation from parents corner
I want to thank for taking care of my  child who studies in UKG so wonderfully. Even with so many challenges you gave individual attention to each kid and made them capable.
I so much wish, this year was a normal year so that my daughter could have learnt from you in person instead of online.
You have a kind touch to your teaching .
Thank you


Respected Ma’am,

My child who is studying in class LKG would like to appreciate the efforts taken by the teachers of the school  for conducting the online classes at this difficult time of lockdown. We all know it’s not possible for children to attend the classes at this time which could result in loss of their studies. But I am really happy for the steps taken by the school to continue providing online classes so that even in this time  children can still learn new things and their time is not completely wasted. Even my daughter is taking a lot of interest in assignments.
This year was different from the rest, it was a boon and curse at the same time, curse because if not for the present situation children could attend the school in-person and play in the playground and also swim, but apart from that nothing else was missed, the entire course for the year was so well structured and organised and conveyed ,boon because we as parents could witness all the competitions held(even the story telling ones) which we would have otherwise missed, we also witnessed the amount of dedication and passion the teacher had to convey, each day we witnessed the classes, the respect towards the school increased ,we also got to compare teaching of different schools and all they did was to provide pre-recorded videos and our school conducted such live and engaging sessions. Thanks for all the actions and the measures taken up.
Thanks & Regards

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