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Science Labs

Science labs are places where children gain hands on experience. The school has dedicated and well equipped Physics, Chemistry and Biology labs to offer students an immersive learning experience. The labs have sophisticated and well-equipped devices than enable students to conduct various experiments in the fields of science ensuring they are clear with the concepts and understand the inferences firsthand.

The labs are managed by qualified and experienced lab technicians who conduct experiments and also assist students in effectively carrying out experiments in the science streams.

Maths Lab

Mathematics is a passion for a large number of students at Alpine, thanks to our novel Math’s lab. Exploring Mathematical concepts with activities using a wide variety of mathematical models enables the children to observe, think, analyze and learn the different facets and creates a path for research studies from an young age.

Geo-Science Lab

The Geo science lab with various models makes learning of social science simpler and easier. History, Geography and Civics moves away from rote learning to let the child visualize everything from a very nascent age to the modern from economic, social and cultural perspectives.

Home Science Lab

Home science is aimed at imparting the knowledge required to manage a healthy, hygienic environment in a home and sustain a happy and contented family life – the core of any successful society. Home management requires skills and knowledge not just limited to activities within the home but an understanding of food science, art of etiquette, balanced diet, health, hygiene, time management and relationship management.

The purpose of this education is to teach students to lead fulfilling lives by leveraging their talent and skills in creative ways.