Chairman’s Message



We all will agree that education moulds the personality and character of the students, it develops mental skills to help them face challenges the modern world throws at them. To the extent that education is preparation of life itself.

We at Alpine believe that education should enable the students to soar high morally and socially to the summit.

Our emphasis is always on teaching critical thinking skills to develop the ability of the students to reach sound conclusions based on observation and information. The curriculum is so designed to allow our teachers the flexibility to adopt innovative methods to develop in them an appreciation for the values of the past, the purpose of the present and the challenges of the future.

We have collectively endeavored to create a school that celebrates the potential of our students and helps them on their journey to the summit. It is a privilege to be at the forefront of creating this institution with like-minded teachers and parents who are engaged in this task in a spirit of partnership and mutual respect.