Scouts and Guides

Inculcating discipline and loyalty through action is all about Scouts and guides in Alpine Public School. This unit which began in 2010 has been growing with huge response and enthusiasm, Trained Scouts and guides teachers conduct this class once in a week and emphasize on development of character, acquisition of competence, self-reliance, dependability and capacities to co-operate and to lead.

Motivating and inspiring activities which inculcates basic values of humanity is emphasized in games, skills and services to the community. Indoor and Outdoor activities are conducted to bring in enough stamina and endurance to smile and whistle through all circumstances.

It was a proud moment when students of Alpine Public School participated in the 2011 – Jamborette – an International Scouts and Guides gathering where in cadets from 40 educational institutions i.e around 1000 students were all under one roof sharing and bonding with their own peers.

Every Wednesday this unit comes to the school in their perfect Scouts and guides uniform, not only to stand apart from others but to spread the spirit of brotherhood and be ‘Prepared in Mind and Body’ for one and all.